Waterproof Mattress Cover – Bed Bug Dust Mite and Allergy Resistant – Protects Expensive Mattresses from Urine Spills and Stains – Great for Kids and Elderly – Queen Size

Amazon.com Price:  $69.99 (as of 18/10/2017 13:17 PST- Details)

Having a quality mattress protector is a must. Our waterproof mattress pad provides protection from allergens, dust mites, liquids and stains that are detrimental to both your health and the life of your mattress. Our waterproof mattress cover are needed to promote a healthy and hygienic sleep environment. It is a great way to protect a bed investment;
More than just a bed cover for mattress, our mattress protector waterproof system provides superior breathability and protection. Comfortably soft 200 thread count mattress pad enables a better night’s sleep while the Polylaminate layer protects against water and moisture. It’s the best waterproof mattress protector you will find anywhere and we provide it at the most economical price ever;
Most mattresses that are called waterproof mattress covers are only twin mattress cover or twin mattress pad waterproof. They don’t allow the contours and firmness of your mattress to come through, so you can enjoy the luxury of your bed. Also, some twin mattress cover waterproof pads are bulky but still no real allergens, stains nor dust mite mattress cover protection;